Results and Registrations (17)

Date Event Time
Aug 21st, 2019 McCartney Creek (Elite) DNS
Jun 26th, 2019 Confederation Park (Advanced) 00:26:15
May 15th, 2019 World Orienteering Day, Queen Elizabeth Park (Loop1)
Apr 24th, 2019 Lynn Canyon (Tough-ish)
Apr 17th, 2019 Jericho Beach (Much Less Short) 00:29:32
Mar 27th, 2019 Queen Elizabeth Park (Expert - 3 loops) 00:31:30
Mar 6th, 2019 William Griffin (Advanced) 00:38:45
Feb 27th, 2019 Oak Park (Long Course) 00:35:59
Feb 6th, 2019 Garden City (Longer) DNS
Jan 30th, 2019 PNE (3 Looper) 00:38:08
Jan 23rd, 2019 Fog-O at Confederation Park (Fog-O Long) 00:38:30
Jan 20th, 2019 WJR - South Surrey Bike Park (Elite)
Jan 9th, 2019 Memorial West (Longer)
Dec 12th, 2018 Granville Loop (Loop-de-loop) DNS
Dec 9th, 2018 Harbour Green Park and GVOC AGM (Elite)
Oct 21st, 2018 Lynn Valley Adventure Run (Gone, gone, gone... you've been gone so long)
Oct 10th, 2018 Yaletown (Elite) 00:21:53

Organizing (2 events)

Date Event Role
Jun 13th, 2019 Princess Park Course Planner
Jun 13th, 2019 Princess Park Event Director