Results and Registrations (1)

Date Event Time
Apr 12th, 2023 Acadia WET (Advanced) 00:33:02

Organizing (8 events)

Date Event Role
May 2nd, 2024 Jericho WET Event Director
Mar 14th, 2024 King Edward WET Event Director
Feb 10th, 2024 Sprint Camp 2024 Assistant
Mar 25th, 2023 Sprint Camp 2023 Assistant
Dec 17th, 2022 Stanley Park - plus social and short AGM - SATURDAY event. Course Planner
Nov 24th, 2022 King Edward WET Course Planner
Nov 10th, 2022 Capilano U WET Course Planner
Oct 27th, 2022 Jericho WET Course Planner