Results and Registrations (16)

Date Event Time
Dec 30th, 2021 Guinea Pig O #1 (Guinea-Pig O) NC
Oct 17th, 2021 Lynn Valley Adventure Run (6 hr)
Oct 18th, 2020 Lynn Valley Rogaine Training (6 hour A group)
Feb 12th, 2020 Hollyburn Ski-O (Hollyburn Ski-O)
Jan 19th, 2020 Deep Cove (Full Meal Deal)
Sep 4th, 2019 Cypress Bowl ( signed the waiver)
Sep 16th, 2018 Deep Cove WJR (Beginner)
Aug 1st, 2018 Princess Park (Beginner) 00:26:00
Jul 4th, 2018 Roche Point Park (new map) (Beginner) 01:36:30
Jun 27th, 2018 McCartney Creek - training (Beginner) NC
Sep 17th, 2017 Rice Lake (Beginner)
Sep 17th, 2017 Rice Lake (Elite)
Apr 23rd, 2017 McCartney Creek (Elite)
Oct 19th, 2014 North Shore Long Distance (3hrs Score-O) 03:00:29
Oct 20th, 2013 Seylynn 3hr Score (3 hrs)
Oct 14th, 2012 Lynn Valley Adventure Run (3 Hr Rogaine)

Organizing (2 events)

Date Event Role
Feb 10th, 2023 Hollyburn Ski O Course Planner
Feb 5th, 2022 Hollyburn Ski O Course Planner