Results and Registrations (26)

Date Event Time
May 22nd, 2019 King Edward West (Medium) 00:56:50
May 15th, 2019 World Orienteering Day, Queen Elizabeth Park (Loop1)
May 8th, 2019 Barnet Marine Park (Beginner)
May 1st, 2019 Champlain Heights (Beginner - 3 Km) 00:57:16
Apr 24th, 2019 Lynn Canyon (Easy-ish) 00:50:00
Apr 10th, 2019 Vanier Park (Expert) NC
Apr 7th, 2019 WJR - Silver Valley West (Beginner)
Mar 17th, 2019 WJR -Forest Navigation Training at McCartney Creek (Training session)
Nov 28th, 2018 Hume Park (Easy course suitable for novices) 00:44:00
Sep 19th, 2018 Queen Elizabeth Park (Intermediate) 00:42:55
Sep 5th, 2018 Deer Lake North (Short)
Aug 15th, 2018 Confederation Park (Sprint training) 00:39:00
Jun 20th, 2018 Musqueam (Beginner) 00:50:08
Jun 13th, 2018 Kensington Park (new map) (LOOP B) 00:44:06
Jun 6th, 2018 Prince of Wales (Intermediate Runners) 00:53:50
May 23rd, 2018 World Orienteering Day! Queen Elizabeth Park (Yes, I'll be there! )
May 9th, 2018 Lorenzo Special (King Edward West) (Longer Adventure) 01:12:10
Apr 25th, 2018 Burnaby Foreshore (new map!) (1 course) 01:10:00
Apr 18th, 2018 Mike Rascher Special (Central Park, Burnaby) (Not so long) NC
Oct 4th, 2017 SFU Championship (Alex Special) (Intermediate) 00:59:45
Sep 27th, 2017 Memorial West (Shorter Course) 00:40:15
Jul 12th, 2017 Central Park (Burnaby) (Beginner) 00:41:50
Jul 10th, 2016 Mt Sumas - Pig War! (C2 - W13, M13, Trail) DNF
Nov 11th, 2015 UBC (Short) DNS
Jun 14th, 2015 OAK Junior Orienteering Festival (Adult try-it) 00:25:32
Apr 13th, 2014 Robert Burnaby Park Junior Festival (Beginner)