Results and Registrations (45)

Date Event Time
Sep 19th, 2019 Coyote Park (Advanced)
Sep 15th, 2019 Lower Postill (Advanced) 01:08:23
Jun 22nd, 2019 Upper Flowdown/MacPherson (Advanced) 00:56:03
Jun 17th, 2019 Canoe Creek - It's Happening! (Advanced)
Jun 10th, 2019 Shuswap Memorial Park - New Map! (Advanced) 00:38:27
Apr 14th, 2019 Valleyview - Rescheduled (Advanced) 00:40:13
Dec 12th, 2018 Sage AGM (I'm Coming!)
Sep 13th, 2018 Little Mountain (Advanced) 00:33:42
Jun 25th, 2018 Park Hill/Canoe Beach (Longer 'n' Harder) 00:47:49
Jun 18th, 2018 Pileated Woods (FARSTA) 00:24:24
Jun 11th, 2018 Silver Slope (Expanded!) (Long)
May 28th, 2018 South Canoe (Long) 00:40:53
May 5th, 2018 Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament (Mission Creek (Race #1))
Apr 29th, 2018 Canoe Creek (Advanced) 00:42:56
Apr 15th, 2018 Sumas Training Event (Elite)
Dec 31st, 2017 Ski-O Larch Hills (Long)
Oct 24th, 2017 Sage AGM (Attending In Person)
Sep 28th, 2017 Bastion/Sullivan (Medium)
Sep 24th, 2017 MacPherson Reloaded (Long)
Sep 14th, 2017 Coyote Park (FARSTA)
Sep 7th, 2017 Silver Slope (Int/Advanced) 00:34:00
Jun 18th, 2017 Mt Sumas (5 Elite M21-34)
Jun 17th, 2017 OABC and GVOC: NCCP Coach Certification workshop: Analyze Performance and Support the Competitive Experience (Analyze Performance and Support the Competitive Experience)
Jun 12th, 2017 Downtown Salmon Arm (Long)
Jun 5th, 2017 Pileated Woods (Mass Start Individual)
May 29th, 2017 Okanagan College (Long) DSQ
May 13th, 2017 Haines Creek - New Forest Map! (Long)
Sep 29th, 2016 Bastion/Sullivan (Advanced) 00:26:01
Sep 22nd, 2016 Gardom Lake (Longer Memory-O) 00:31:08
Sep 15th, 2016 Shuswap Middle School (Elite) 00:34:01
Jun 20th, 2016 Park Hill (Mass Start) MP
Jun 13th, 2016 Coyote Park (Team) 01:09:13
Jun 6th, 2016 Okanagan College (Advanced) 00:26:50
May 30th, 2016 Little Mountain (More Intemediate) 00:33:31
May 16th, 2016 South Canoe (Expert)
Apr 7th, 2016 O300 Course Planning Clinic - Part 1 (Attending)
Apr 6th, 2016 Fraser River Park (Longer Course) 00:24:12
Sep 27th, 2015 Sage O-Club Championships (Sprint - Difficult)
Sep 24th, 2015 Little Mountain (SAT) (Mass Start) DNS
Jun 22nd, 2015 Salmon Arm Finale- South Canoe (Long)
Jun 15th, 2015 Salmon Arm - South Canoe (South Canoe)
Jun 8th, 2015 Salmon Arm - SMS/Little Mt. (Middle - Little Mountain) 00:20:33
Jun 1st, 2015 Salmon Arm - Bastion/SASS (Memory-O) 00:10:12
Jun 1st, 2015 Salmon Arm - Bastion/SASS (Speed-O) DNS
May 25th, 2015 Salmon Arm - Park Hill (Beginner/Score-O) DNS

Organizing (11 events)

Date Event Role
Nov 18th, 2019 Sage AGM Host
Sep 13th, 2019 South Canoe Event Director
Dec 13th, 2018 Sage AGM Host
Sep 29th, 2018 BC Orienteering Championships 2018 Course Planner
Jun 5th, 2018 Okanagan College Course Planner
Jun 5th, 2018 Okanagan College Event Director
May 5th, 2018 Okanagan Adventure Running Tournament Controller
May 23rd, 2017 Little Mountain Event Director
Dec 31st, 2016 Ski-Orienteering Larch Hills Controller
Oct 7th, 2016 Downtown Salmon Arm Event Director
Jun 11th, 2016 Larch Hills Adventure Run Assistant