Results and Registrations (10)

Date Event Time
Sep 11th, 2019 UBC (Acadia) (Intermediate) 01:08:50
Sep 4th, 2019 Cypress Bowl (Huff and Puff)
Nov 12th, 2017 Super Mini Itsy Bitsy Barkley (Super Mini Itsy Bitsy Barkley) 01:50:31
Sep 20th, 2017 Jericho Beach Party!! (Longer) DNS
Sep 13th, 2017 Cypress Falls (Intermediate) DNS
Sep 6th, 2017 Deas Island (George Special) (Loop 2) 01:09:00
Aug 30th, 2017 Whytecliff Park (Intermediate/Expert) 00:59:40
Aug 23rd, 2017 Cleveland Dam (Intermediate) 00:55:00
Aug 23rd, 2017 Cleveland Dam (Beginner) DNS
Aug 16th, 2017 Pacific Spirit Park SuperWET (Beginner) 00:31:00